I am an English Master Saddle Maker and Leather Engineer based in the U.K. With nearly 50 years in the trade, I have learned a great deal about the value of leather and its uses.

My interest started at a young age when I found an offcut of leather and made a saddle for my Cindy horse. Combining my love of horses with my creative abilities inherited from my parents, it seems only natural that I pursue a career in saddlery. A chance meeting with Master Saddler Ken Langford landed me a part time position in his shop in Woodstock. With Ken’s mentoring and help I acquired a position at Cordwainers College in London where I studied leather goods, shoemaking and saddlery. Continuing my apprenticeship with Ken and other Masters including William Turner the then Royal Warrant holder to the Royal Mews where I learned Harness making giving me a well rounded education.

Taking my skills to America in the 1990’s opened many opportunities, starting with making and repairing all English style saddlery. Eventually, I focused my abilities on the design and making of bespoke saddles for women. As a lifelong rider myself, I was able to keep horse and rider comfortable, whatever the discipline. I continued to carry out extensive repairs and reconditioning of saddles from all over the USA for the next 22 years. After the death of my husband, I moved back to the UK. leaving my clients in the capable hands of Adrienne Hendricks, who trained with me for several years.

My return to the UK opened more doors. Within five weeks of landing in the UK I found myself walking through the big barn doors of The Repair Shop. This was a fledgling TV program for which I became the leather expert. The repair and restoration of leather items has and always will be my passion.

Today, due to time management, I am only able to take on bespoke commissions and the more unusual repair and restoration jobs. If you’d like me to consider a commission, please go to the contact page.

Thank you