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Suzie Fletcher is a Master English Saddle Maker and member of the Society of Master Saddlers.  Suzie also specializes in the restoration and repair of Saddles, Leather Goods and Solid Leather Furniture from the workshop based in Oxfordshire.

Suzie & BobSuzie has been an avid rider since early childhood, so it was no surprise Suzie found herself drawn to an Equestrian based trade. All though at this time Saddle making was considered a male occupation Suzie was determined to become a Master. Suzie started her training in 1975 with Ken Langford, Master Saddler and former president of the Society of Master Saddlers. Suzie then spent 2 years at Cordwainers college in London. Upon completing her college training, Suzie continued her formal apprenticeship under several Master Saddlers to gain knowledge in all saddlery skills. Included in this group was William Turner, the then appointed harness maker to the Queen of England. Here Suzie learned the fine art of harness making and had the honour of working on some of the sets of harness used in many state functions.

With her combined expertise as a rider and saddle maker, able to make and repair all types of English saddlery, Suzie took her skills abroad, finally settling in Colorado USA.

During this time Suzie built up a strong reputation as someone who knew her craft. Her work came from all over the USA and Suzie acted as the authorized USA repair person for many well known saddle makers in Walsall, England.

After 22 years Suzie returned to the UK settling in her home county of Oxfordshire. Now in her new workshop Suzie continues to carry on the traditional saddlery skills Suzie acquired through generations of English Master Saddle Makers. Suzie specializes in Saddle making, especially for woman, saddle repair, overhaul and retro fitting of saddles people presently own.

Suzie has expanded her services and now offers repair and restoration for leather goods and solid leather furniture.

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